V-Farm is a fully controllable, vertical farming concept that completely fits your needs.  Whether you have a restaurant kitchen in Trøndelag, a warehouse in Kautokeino or even a station in space, a V-Farm can be developed to work for you!

The concept has been developed with a patented modular structure of mobile racks fitted with gully trays so that it can be completely tailored to fit the available space. The system uses the latest hydroponic technology along with tailored LED lighting and ventilation equipment in order to be adaptable to most environments.

This versatile system is non crop-specific, allowing it to be adapted for growing a wide variety of fruit, salad greens and vegetables.

The environment can be fully controlled using market-leading Autogrow Intelligrow systems via PC, tablet or smartphone and is a truly sustainable growing solution fit for the 21st Century.

V-Farm is the latest in a number of ground-breaking innovations in urban agriculture from HydroGarden, the leading European manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment with a deserved reputation for product innovation.