Hydroponics is the growing of plants without the use of soil, fed with only water and nutrients with expontial yield compared to traditional organic agriculture. Below are some statistics with one of our industrial models. Larger or smaller ones are available, all with CES (Controlled Enviroment Solutions) that will allow optimum growth.


Omnicibus has exclusive rights to the Nordic countries for Hydrogarden’s commercial hydroponic products with sales to both the public and private sector. OMN is also developing regional projects in collaboration with research and business development organizations.

Omnicibus Research 

Omnicibus’ main focus is to provide healthy, nutritious and safe food, and continually conduct cutting-edge science and expand the current knowledge of hydroponics. Long term and sound scientific research is lacking in the area of hydroponics (Jones 2004, p.7) and Omnicibus is focused on taking the lead role in hydroponic research with the goals of improving food and nutrition security for vulnerable populations worldwide.

Furthermore, as the demand for food is increasing, faster than the worlds current production capability in traditional agriculture (UN, 2015), hydroponics is seen as a viable solution, not only for cold and remote regions, but also for those that struggle with water availability. Hydroponics will dramatically contribute to the sustainable food supply of the future.

Omnicibus makes food local and available while maximizing taste and nutritional value. A recent study by the University of California at Davis detailed the effect of transportation on strawberries. After only 5 days on a refrigerated truck, the strawberries had lost 87% of its Vitamin C content and 56% of its biomass.

Ominicibus has ongoing research collaborations with both Hydrogarden and Nottingham University in the United Kingdom as well as the Life Science Cluster in Oslo, Norway. We are continuing to conduct research in such areas as plant chemistry, yield optimization, gene identification, human population nutritional needs, and hydroponic plant adaptation; to mention a few.

The Omnicibus concept of hydroponics is not only beneficial in terms of dealing with global challenges in food supply and nutrition security, but also in terms of putting our company and our customers at the forefront of research and high-tech development of green solutions.

An improved CES solution is currently being developed in collaboration with Hydrogarden and the Life Science Cluster in Oslo, Norway. This includes maximizing lighting effect designed for a CES (Controlled Environment System), eliminating energy waste inherent with HID lights by focusing photons in plants’ primary spectral response regions rather than in spectral regions plants cannot use.





Propagation and Production Racks

Omnicibus supplies Hydrogarden racks that are designed to produce high crop yield within relatively small rack areas.
The spacing between gullies can be adjusted with some redesign to accommodate a wide variety of vegetables and berry producing plants. Optimal levels of pH and nutrients are maintained to help assure high yields with premium returns and margins.

Racks can be moved on rails to reclaim usable floor space; thus increasing the active growing space by an additional 10-15%. LED lighting is strategically mounted on the rack frames to provide continuous and homogenous illumination.


Grow Lights

The Omincibus lighting solution is one of the main reasons for improved plant performance. With standard greenhouses using sunlight, plants can become “stressed and overworked”, the result being poor taste and less production. Ominicibus utilizes state of the art LED lighting that provides a specific wavelength range of continuous and homogeneous illumination with diverse intensities to promote superior growth.

All light generated by our lighting system has been validated to have significant advantage to greenhouse production or growth in normal sunlight, while at the same time, reducing lighting energy costs by more than 70% versus conventional HID lightning.