New V-Farm model!

Omnicibus is proud to present the newest V-Farm NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) model. We call this the “refrigerator model” as this is about the same size as your refrigerator at home!

The newest model has the measurements:

Width: 78,6 cm
Depth: 49,5 cm
Height: 183 cm

The model includes it’s own nutrient tank, LED lighting with timer and pump. It contains 14 holes per layer and three layers; adding up to 42 holes in total. This NFT model is optimal for herbs and lettuces but can also grow a range of other produce. With this, you can provide vegetables for your family year round, and some of your neighbours too! This is completely automated – all you have to do is choose what lettuces and herbs you want to grow!

Hydroponic vertical farming can now be experienced in your own home!